Respect, Class, Kindness, Generosity, Communication, Discretion, Privacy & Timeliness


Respect is mutual, and always should be a two-way street.  I appreciate gentlemen who treat all people around them with respect.  We are one race, one humanity, all living this life to the fullest.


Conduct yourself with class, and I will revere you from head to toe!  Carry yourself with dignity.  Smile to strangers while you greet them.  Hold a door for someone other than your lady.  Say Please.  And Thank You.  It's the little gestures that make me smile.


This is the part where you can really impress me!  Be kind to yourself first - treat yourself with respect.  Love yourself, take care of your health and wellness.  Feed your soul and your mind.  You'll be surprised at how many people who are kind to themselves will more easily be kind to others.  Show me.


Doesn't it feel great when people are generous to you? Well, I appreciate it also!  Tips & gifts are never expected, but always appreciated.  Ask me what I like - take a moment to find out more about me, and perhaps the next time we see each other, you'll find it in your heart to do that extra little thing to make me smile!


Ahhhhh - The lost art of communication!  We live in a Time when emoji's speak for us.  When simple platitudes have been replaced with incomplete sentences.  When corresponding with me, PLEASE take the time out to introduce yourself, tell me a little bit about you and ask me some thoughtful, non explicit questions about spending time with me.  Rude, short, incomplete or explicit messages will be ignored.  Thoughtful messages with the screening information I request will be greatly appreciated and rewarded!

Privacy & Discretion

These are NOT mutually exclusive!  I take YOUR privacy as seriously as I do my own.  All information requested is for my safety, but I hold dear and respect your privacy unconditionally.  I will always be discreet when communicating with you, and I ask the same in return.  No inappropriate inquiries will be entertained.  Please take the time to submit my requested screening information, and please be patient in giving me some time to properly prepare for your adventure with me!


Another lost Art!!  PLEASE, pretty please, be cognizant of my schedule and our agreed upon appointment.  I do have other life commitments, as do you!  I know work schedules, trains, planes and cabs can run late.  PLEASE always be in communication if running late, but also allow extra time, leave early for our appointment and build that anticipation!  This is a two way street also! You can always expect the same from me!